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At first glance ABBYY FineReader 11 looks a bit dated. The sleek, curvy interfaces that we're used to seeing in a new piece of software are nowhere to be found. Instead you're greeted with a bit of a dull, even clunky interface that has oversized icons along the type it feels old. What FineReader 11 really is, is simple and easy to use. Accessibility is important when dealing with any piece of software that you'll likely have to train employees to use.

Testing started out fairly simple with editing a PDF file. After loading the file, which took a few seconds longer than one might expect, the optical recognition proved to be impeccable. The file in question was a resume and every bit of text was made out correctly. Editing and saving the file afterward was a cinch plus the format managed to stay intact through all of the changes. Further testing with image files told more of the story. As long as the text was legible, FineReader 11 managed to get all of the words correct, only seeing errors when the letters were blurry or too small. Adjustments from there were a simple matter of editing. Newspapers articles managed to fair pretty well.

Through the interface you can manage several different file types including the most commonly used image types for editing. Naturally, there's also the scan feature which allows you to take a scan directly to Microsoft Word, Excel or a PDF file. Converting a file is a fairly easy process to follow as well.

FineReader 11 is a bit pricey, but if you're looking for OCR software it is probably your best bet. Easy to learn and use, reliable recognition plus everything else you'd want or need out of the software is here.

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Reviewed by Greg Minton
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